Heres to the New Year…

by meganlebo

As the new year begins I find that people tend to begin feeling a little bit lighter and a little bit more optimistic about the year ahead.  Its kind of a strange phenomenon, this new year ambition.  People tend to feel that a new year means life has given us all a new chapter. A blank slate if you will.  A chance to remedy and correct all of the mishaps and mistakes of the previous year.  We label this new year excitement as a phenomenon because in reality January 1st is just another day in the course of everyone’s life.  One can begin or end a project, a lifestyle, or an ambition any day of the year and have the same chance of success.

So why January 1st?

Despite the somewhat silly notion that resolutions and goals need to begin on January 1st, so many of us take advantage of feeling like we now have a starting point for our clean slate. A launching pad for our ambitions and projects.

So what do I have to say to all of you who have so enthusiastically crafted your 2012 resolutions spreadsheet?


I have, I think for the first time in my life, come up with my own 2012 resolutions and goals.  I have already begun my read through the Bible in a year plan, and I have already cut out fast food and soft drinks from my diet.  I am keeping myself physically active and healthy.  I have begun pursuing my dream of being a stage actor/singer by entering myself into the Lotte Lenya Competition for musical theater.  I am participating in a local volunteer playhouse and plan on auditioning for some of the professional theaters around town in the spring.  In two weeks I will be leaving for New Zealand where I will be backpacking with people from around the world!

I have decided not to sit around waiting anymore.

And while a new year’s resolution is great and healthy, the key is to realize that we can (and should) treat every day as if it was January 1st.  Set your goals and if you fall off that diet and exercise wagon, don’t wait until January 1, 2013 to start it back up again because there is no difference between January 1st and July 23.  Every day is a new beginning and should be regarded as such!

So heres to the new year!  I’m going to start writing because frankly, i like to write.  So those who want to journey this year with me great!  I’ll be sharing about my trip to New Zealand, and I’ll let everyone know how all of my auditions go and then everything else that God has planned for me this year!  This leaves me feeling slightly narcissistic but I have a feeling this year is going to be good and when things are good you just feel like sharing!