Great minds think alike, right?

by meganlebo

Ok, so I’m sitting here at work bored out of my mind, pondering over just how unexciting my life currently is and a brilliant idea comes to me!  I ask myself, what do people nowadays pour their interests into?  What is it that gets all of those women that you work with excited and chattering when you get in to the office in the mornings?

Reality television.

Reality television is a 21st century phenomenon that takes the lives of everyone from the most famous (and the most infamous) of hollywood to everyday individuals (average Joes if you will) and makes their lives somehow seem very interesting.  In reality its just a way to feel connected to the world, to feel like you have community and fellowship with a world outside of your own home.

With reality television and blogs and Twitter, suddenly the world doesn’t feel so small.

Is it real?  No.

Do you really know the people your connected with on these “social” outlets?  Not really, no.

Its crazy!  But at the same time it seems that its the only way anymore to get people to hear and notice you.  Its a false sense of reality, yes, but sometimes truth and reality just suck.  So you find yourself resorting to these pseudo relationships because fake ones are better than the ones that don’t exist at all, right?

So what is my brilliant idea?  Well, in truth, its not really that brilliant, nor that original, but I’ve decided to document my life in writing.  Why not share with people what its like to be me.  Yeah, narcissistic I know.  But isn’t it the only way people will get to know you anymore?

So for the old friends that don’t bother to stay in touch with me and the new friends that want to get to know me better, here is your chance.

Here is…well…me!