I’m sorry sir…I’m just the receptionist.

by meganlebo

The phone rings.  I answer, “Interactive Systems, how may I direct your call?”

It rings again before I even have the chance to direct the current caller.  Dang multi-line phone systems.  The phone has been silent all morning and then all of a sudden it starts channeling multiple calls at one time!

Its a conspiracy

All of the customers congregate and plot to call in all at the same time.  “Ha!  We’ll get her good this time.”  “You call in first, your accent is so thinck she won’t understand a word your saying.”  “Now you, over there, call and tell her you refuse to be sent to another voicemail.  Oh yeah, that’ll get her good because you know, she doesn’t have a clue how to answer any of your questions!”

I’m sorry sir…I’m just the receptionist.

When the phone stops ringing I get on the internet to look at Beyonce’s fabulous birthing suit.

Because thats news.

The only thing holding me together here is that heavenly voice coming from the Bose speaker sitting on my desk.  Ah….Sameer Gahdia…

The phone rings.  Dang it.

“Interactive systems how may I direct your call?”  Silence.

Tomorrow is my last day.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been very grateful for this job.  Its easy and it pays.  But I’ve been misplaced.  Before this I worked at the library.  I actually enjoyed it.  I like books.  And I like people.  I got to see a lot of people while working at the library.  But then I got fired.  I got got fired from the library.

The phone rings.  Silence.  Again

I imagine thats my stalker calling me again.  Not really, but my imagination has to go somewhere to maintain its sanity.  I wonder what its like to have a stalker.  Or an admirer.  I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had one.  I’m never gonna have one if I don’t stop eating.  At least thats what THEY tell me.

I decide to take a look at the weather channel.  I heard that we are expecting snow today.  The headline reads: Real Time Updates : Midwest, North East Snowstorm.

I look up Nashville: “A few snow flurries are possible between 2pm and 3pm.

Yeah, thats what I thought.  Welcome to Nashville y’all!

It doesn’t matter because in a week I’ll be on my way to New Zealand.  The average temperature in Auckland this week?

70 degrees.