Hey you! The one with the guitar…

by meganlebo

I’d like to introduce myself.  I know you’ve seen me before but I don’t believe we’ve ever met.  My name is Megan.

My name is Megan and I’m single.  Wait…scratch that.  Thats a terrible introduction.  Lets try this again.


I don’t know much about you.  Actually I don’t believe I know anything about you other than the fact that you sing and play guitar.  Which, I might add, you do very well.


I’m a musician too!  I write songs, play both piano and guitar, and sing.  I sing very well actually.  I really think we would have a lot in common.  Thats at least a start don’t you think?

So heres the thing.  I’d really like a chance.

Just a chance.

If random everyday people can post videos on Youtube addressed to their favorite celebrity and land a night on the town and a candle lit dinner with said individual, then someone like me should have the opportunity to plead my case before the local heartthrob.

Yeah, you didn’t know that about yourself did you?  Or maybe you did…

Anyway, what d’ya say?

I might very well be just the girl your looking for.  Then again I might not.  But how will you ever know how warm the water is if you don’t step into the pool, right?