A brand new chapter…

by meganlebo

They say that one can work out for a long time and not see any weight loss, and then suddenly it kicks in and BOOM you’ve lost 10lbs.  They say that sometimes you don’t lose lbs. because in reality your gaining muscle mass.

Thats what THEY say.

All of the people that already look like superstars.  “Hang in there your doing great!”  They say.  “You can really tell that you’ve lost weight!”  They say.  But in reality you know exactly what that scale is gonna tell you.  As you place your feet one at a time upon that dreadful piece of equipment, designed only to measure just how your gonna feel about yourself the rest of the week, the numbers race up.  Then those unholy numbers begin toggling.  Up and down up and down.  “Oh, please be kind to me this week and choose the lesser number, please!”  It seems to consider your request for a moment, but only a moment before it decides that the cruelty of truth is much more entertaining than the alternative.

There it is.  The exact same number thats been haunting you since last month when you began this ridiculous workout routine.  Doesn’t this stupid machine realize how hard you’ve been working?!?!

I will say though that despite the lack of real weight loss I HAVE seen significant improvement in myself.  And maybe I am losing the fat but gaining muscle mass.  Yes.  Thats the scenario I’m sticking with.  Besides, my main reason in even beginning this workout was so that I could be ready to take on the world of New Zealand backpacking.

Thats right I haven’t really told you what I’m doing!

I am taking off for three weeks, meeting up with a handful of people from Israel that I’ve never met, and we are going backpacking through the great country of New Zealand!  I have ALWAYS wanted to go to New Zealand.  Ever since I saw the movie The Lord of the Rings.  Yes, I know, how very nerdy of me.  But its true.

I have never done anything like this before in my life!  I’ve always been a “villa on the beach” kind of girl when it came to vacations.  The times that I’ve been camping were not memories that I recall fondly.  I remember cold nights with very little sleep and very large bugs.  I don’t do bugs.

But I do enjoy adventures.  And beautiful scenery.  Despite my tendency to be somewhat high maintenance (especially when it comes to sleep) I’m EXTREMELY excited!!!  I mean who gets this kind of opportunity?  Certainly never me.  I’m the girl that has waited all her life for something this exciting to happen!  Ok, so I HAVE been to Israel before.  3 times.  And I loved it.  🙂

I leave one week from today.  Its gonna take me about 2 days to get over there including an 8 hour layover in L.A. and an 11 hour layover in Brisbane.  Did I mention I’m flying by myself?  I’ve never flown that far by myself.

8 and 11 hours is a LOOONNNGGG time but L.A. should be interesting.  I’m going to document how many famous people I see.  🙂  Don’t worry, I’ll make sure and tweet about all of the new famous friends I’m making.

I really feel like this trip is kicking off a new era of my life.  A new chapter has been opened up and the opening paragraph has me gripped already!

I can’t WAIT to see what comes next!