Day #1 of Being Grateful: About Myself…

by meganlebo

As I begin reflecting on the great and many blessings that God has bestowed upon me i am finding that coming up with 1,000 things is a difficult task.  We as a society have bred a culture of discontentedness, ungratefulness, and entitlement and retraining my brain to think differently about life and the provisions that God has given is proving to be difficult.  One of the areas of my life where it is hardest to find things to be grateful about is myself.  I am certain that we all can relate to each other on the topic of self worth and insecurities.  Society and culture has fed us the lie that self worth should be measured by the standards of the world and the Hollywood types.  But we know from Scripture that we are not to find our worth in the things of this world, but to set our minds and hearts on the things of God.  He si the one whose opinion we should care about.

For the next 21 days I will be choosing a topic for each day and coming up with 48 things under that topic to be grateful for.  At the end of the 21 days I will have come up with a little over 1,000 things that I have to thank God for in my life.  I encourage everyone to do this with me and lets remember all of the blessing God has given us throughout the course of our lives.

So for day #1 of this great list i will thank God for the things about myself that he has blessed me with:

  1. I love that I am an artist and that I perceive the world through beauty and expression.
  2. I love children and I get them.
  3. The blue-green color of my eyes.
  4. I can play guitar.
  5. I can play piano and play everything by ear.
  6. I can sing.
  7. I haave recently discovered that I can act.
  8. I read people well.  Or at least I think I do.  🙂
  9. I’m objective.
  10. I’m compliant.
  11. I have a tender heart.
  12. I am sensitive.
  13. I am quite philosophical.
  14. I am patient with children.
  15. I get poetry.
  16. I care about people.
  17. I have a heart for ministry.
  18. I ahve a mind for truth.
  19. I’m willing to admit when I am wrong.
  20. While I may be slightly heavier than I want to be, I do have a small frame.
  21. I can see.
  22. I can hear.
  23. I am mentally stable.
  24. I am in good health.
  25. I am not physically limited.
  26. I am an American.
  27. I am secure and unwavering in my faith.
  28. I have heightened senses so I experience EVERYTHING.  Sound, smell, texture…
  29. I sleep well at night.
  30. I sympathize with others.
  31. I have a good sense of humor.
  32. I can walk.
  33. I have a job.
  34. I like to read and that keeps my mind sharp.
  35. I have never been really sick.
  36. I have never broken a bone.
  37. I am a very passionate person.
  38. I like my blond hair.
  39. I’m grateful that I have straight teeth.
  40. I can write well.
  41. I like my fair skin.
  42. I have just the right amount of freckles.
  43. My body is proportionate.
  44. I enjoy my creativity.
  45. I have the ability to forgive.
  46. I ahve an eye for photography.
  47. I am incredibly self aware.
  48. I am sensitive to God’s Spirit.